May 2020 Cohort of the NASSCOM 10,000 Startups Virtual Incubation Program is Here - Welcome Aboard!

If you are interested in joining the NASSCOM 10,000 Startups Virtual Incubation program, please click here.


25 startups got inducted to the NASSCOM 10,000 Startups Virtual Incubation Program on 22 May 2020. Through the session the startups were familiarized with all the support they would get from the program to scale and grow their businesses.  The Virtual Incubation Program offers market access, investor connects, in-depth mentoring, the Startup Kit, knowledge series and workshops, industry events and lots more. To kick off this journey we had one of our favorite speakers Kuppulakshmi, Global Head – Zoho for Startups talk about the good practices for startups to ensure success. The top takeaways were:

  1. Startups, even as they start off, must always focus on both culture and ethics.
  2. Software is just a tool in your hands, and it is the human element that will help shape your startup's culture.
  3. The founding team should always remember that this is going to be one of the anchors to eventually get customer delight right.
  4. When there are going to be similar product/service offerings in the market, how we treat our customers will beat any other survival strategy.
  5. As much as the focus is on gaining the first 100 customers, don't wait to arrive at an unavoidable mess to get tech onboard.
  6. Choose software that is trustworthy, efficient, scalable, and most importantly helps you be self-sufficient.
  7. There are things a software can't help with - mindset, culture, ethics, and setting the right example of leadership.
  8. Always keep working on your communication skill to build a people-first startup.
  9. If tech tools are overwhelming, don't give up. Ask for help. Keep the child-like curiosity alive.


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