Last Day To Apply: Call for proposals for Innovative use-cases in AR and VR

Dear Startup,

COVID-19 pandemic has impacted most sectors around the world. The IMF pegs the uncertainty of this pandemic at a record high, at least three times higher than the global SARS pandemic of 2002–03 and about 20 times higher than during the Ebola outbreak. The level of uncertainty is expected to remain high for a while, with cases growing and re-emerging in different parts of the world.

Small businesses, that form the backbone of India’s economy, are impacted the most. MSMEs account for around 32% of GVA and unincorporated non-agriculture MSMEs alone employ around 11.10 crore people. A large number of these are traditional brick-and-mortar businesses and are especially impacted by the pandemic protocols. 

Adapting to this pandemic has, however, been different from the past, largely due to ubiquitous access, availability, and use of technology. Technologies such as remote conferencing, telehealth, collaboration software have enabled business continuity in multiple sectors. Emerging technologies such as AR and VR also have a demonstrated potential in traditionally brick-and-mortar retail industries like furniture, clothing, jewellery, fashion, footwear in terms of providing a contact-less try-before-you-buy experience and enhanced customer engagement. 

Adapting to the new normal is key for business continuity during the pandemic and technology has provided a viable solution across sectors. In this regard, the Frontier technologies vertical at NITI Aayog is exploring innovative use-cases to use AR and VR. In collaboration with NASSCOM, it has been decided to undertake a pilot project that will help develop bespoke tools, indicate potential of the technology and would be used for spreading awareness about the potential of use of frontier technologies.

For the pilot apparel retail sector which has been hardest hit in the pandemic has been selected. Given the importance of this sector in the Indian use of technology in overcoming existing obstacles would have exponential impact. For this use case a retail venture, called Lavanya, dealing with apparel has been selected.

Call for proposals

We are looking for AR and VR based firms to:

  1. Implement a proposed pilot for AR and VR. Lavanya, a brand dealing with fabrics and garments has identified a use case for the pilot.
    Use case link: Interested firms may indicate their interest in the proposal in this format - format to include- vision, pilot proposal, quotation
  2. Submit ideas for pilots under the theme of AR/VR for business continuity in this format - what is the idea, how will it work, agencies involved, how much will it cost, what you can provide, what you need
If you are interested, please click here to submit your responses.


The last date to submit responses is 13 July 2020.

In case of any queries, please connect with Lekha Negi at

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