Opportunity for Retail Startups To Enlist In Elyments Mall

Dear Startup,


We are pleased to bring you an opportunity to enlist with Elyments Mall, the first super app to bring true social commerce to India. At Elyments, India will connect for conversations (that are clutter free), commerce (what you need in post COVID world) and entertainment (simple, curated time pass). The app will facilitate commerce as a super aggregator of online stores that aims to provide products and services at competitive price and delivery at customers doorstep. One of the motives of the Elyments mall is to support startups by showcasing them to Elyments users.


The strong India story is already attracting attention in the social media circles with many organizations focused on Make In India backing this super-app. A strong connection with the Art Of Living Foundation virtually guarantees a big leap in terms of the Elyments’ user base.


Your startup is a likely fit for Elyments mall if

-              You sell direct to retail consumers.

-              Consumers are able to purchase from your website immediately (instant sale with no sales cycle).

-              Your startup has a responsive website which looks good and performs well on mobile devices.


For startups that fit the above criteria, and are recommended by NASSCOM, Elyments is happy to consider

•             No listing costs for hosting the stores in Elyments mall

•             Outcome based model – Commission payable upon transactions only

•             No commission for transactions till Aug 15th.


To Apply

Indicate your interest in being part of Elyments Mall by filling up the Google Form at http://tiny.cc/El-Nas. We will reach out to you based on the information in the submitted form to advise you of the next steps.

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